Museveni’s message on human rights was timely, says Kaheru


KAMPALA– Uganda has gone through a period where civil and political rights have been put to a test, especially during the 2021 general elections.

There have been incidents of torture, abductions; and murders over the past period. Many times these have instilled unnecessary fear within the public (in some cases lives have been lost).  

It is good that the President has come out to account and send a strong warning to the perpetrators of these criminal actions.

 It is commendable that he realizes how a checkered human rights record could affect the legitimacy and image of the Government.

 It all boils down to individual responsibility. It is my hope that after the President’s statement, the redress of all victims of torture (or their dependents) is fast tracked and those criminal acts stop.  Justice delayed is justice denied. 

This should also open up a fresh chapter for Ugandans to dialogue, heal and forge a way forward, together. 

Crispin Kaheru Elections Expert 14 August 2021