Buyanja My Roots to procure Health Equipment worth Ugx 68 million

Members of Buyanja My Roots after addressing a press conference at Kati Kati Restaurant

NEWS– A Voluntary Organisation ‘Buyanja My Roots’ is in process of raising Ugx 68 million to equip Buyanja and Kasheshe Health Center III’s in Rukungiri District with medical equipment.

Buyanja My Roots is a free and open entry voluntary and community initiative Organisation which currently has over 1,500 members, born, raised, migrated and or married into Buyanja Sub County and town council in Rukungiri District. 

The minds behind the formation Buyanja My Roots say it’s aimed at networking people from Greater Buyanja Area to work together in promoting area development.

The two Health facilities to be supported are located in Greater Buyanja and serve approximately 50,000 people with approximately 30,000 being those below the age of 18.

The two Health facilities also serve neighbouring communities of Nyakinengo in Nyakagyeme Sub-county, parts of Kebisoni Sub County, Nyamayenje and Marumba areas all in Rukungiri District.

Buyanja My Roots Chairman Allan Asinguza Mutemba

According to the Chairman of Buyanja My Roots, Asinguza Allan Mutemba, the decision to equip the health facilities is in line with core objectives of their Organisation.

While addressing a press conference at Kati Kati Restaurant in Kampala on Thursday, Mutemba said that the decision was based on facts  information gaps identified during a Health Camp conducted in December 2019 at Buyanja Health Center III. 

Asinguza said that the Health Camp in 2019 served 9,404 patients with different ailments ranging from optical, dental, non-communicable diseases, HIV/AIDS testing, reproductive health and general medical care.

The Buyanja My Roots Chairperson said that some of gaps identified were lack of enough maternity beds, inadequate in-patient beds for both male and female in-patient wards, lack of security lighting, congestion at the out-patient department, lack of water and need for various medical equipment at the facility.

He said that in response to the gaps identified, Buyanja My Roots consulted with their Doctors and the management of the Health Centers and items to be purchased were costed and a total amount of money to procure them was agreed upon. 

Buyanja My Roots, Chief Mobilise Dr Adrian Beinebyabo Bwankwindi said that the items include maternity beds, general patient beds, mattresses, outreach waiting room tents, feotal dopplers, infrared thermometers, refrigerators, staff gum boots and aprons, security lighting, rain water harvesting and solar power installations.

Buyanja My Roots is working together with local leaders and now call upon their members “Buyanja My Roots”, all people from Buyanja, all good willed people, members of Parliament from Rukungiri District and corporate bodies to join them realise their goal. 

Asinguza Mutemba said that this effort is already on-going and Buyanja My Roots is hopeful that the items will be physically handed over to the Health Center Management Committee and Local leaders at a grand public ceremony in Buyanja on 27th December 2021.