RDC Nyakahuma vows to deal with murders along Uganda-Rwanda border


KABALE– The newly appointed Kabale District Resident Commissioner Godfrey Nyakahuma has vowed to put emphasis on community policing to reduce cases of killings across Uganda- Rwanda katuna border and other porous borders.

RDC Nyakahuma said that porous borders have greatly become a security threat leading to a spectrum of illegal entrance in and out of the country a reason to increased daily killings in Kabale district.

Nyakahuma stressed that illegal entrance into another country is illegal, not allowed and done indirectly against the law saying that it can lead to prosecution when one is caught doing so.

He wants the public to abide by international laws that govern individual states by following immigration laws to avoid cases of killing across borders.


Last week, Residents of Butanda sub-county in Kabale district staged a peaceful demonstration protesting the continuous entry of Rwandan nationals into Uganda through porous borders.

The protesters argued that Rwandan nationals cross from Burera district to Butanda especially through the porous borders of Kabere-Hakyoma, Rutare, and dwell in Habubaare and Bigaaga trading centers.

Nyakahuma said this on Thursday at Katuna border while repatriating bodies of Rwandans who were found dead in Uganda in the last two weeks.

The repatriated bodies included that of Paul Bangirana 47, who sneaked into Uganda via Rwene Parish in Buhara sub county Kabale district, later drunk excess local brew (Waragi) resulting into his death.

Another handed over body is of Theoneste Dusabimana, 52, who was hear making an alarm in Rwanda and his body later found on Ugandan side in Rushaki village, Karujanga ward, Katuna town council in Kabale district.

While explaining to the Rwandan authorities what transpired, the Kabale district chairperson Nelson Nshangabasheija said one of the deceased Theoneste Dusabimana, 52, was a week ago killed in Rwanda, later his body was dumped in Rushaki village, Karujanga ward in Katuna town council, Kabale district.

Nshangabasheija said that the deceased was heard screaming from the Rwanda side on the 29th of August before his body was found dumped in Uganda the following morning.

However, Felix Ndayambaje, the Mayor of Gicumbi District in Rwanda who led the Rwandan delegation at Gatuna border post rubbished the allegations, and said that the deceased had been living and working in Uganda stressing that there was no way he could be murdered in Rwanda.

Ndayambaje and Nshangabasheija called on the two evolutionally leaders of Uganda and Rwanda to negotiate so that the Katuna/ Gatuna border is reopened.

Ndayambaje said that exchanging dead bodies frequently won’t help the two countries thus a need for leaders to sit and iron out the issues deposing their relations.

Rwanda closed her borders with Uganda on 27th February 2019 accusing Uganda of hosting and giving aid to her enemies. Rwanda also accused Uganda of harassing Rwandans living therein Uganda and the borders have since never been reopened.

Since the border closure, more than twelve people have been killed along the Uganda/Rwanda border. President Kagame advised Rwandans not to cross to Uganda, accusing Kampala of harassing his people in Uganda and has since then deployed soldiers to guard the porous borders, as several Ugandans who attempt to cross to Rwanda are killed on sight.