Rotting garbage worries Malaba Town Council market vendors


MALABA– Market vendors in Malaba Town Council are worried with the state of the market hygiene, garbage piling and feel ignored by the authorities.

Isabella Etyang a tomato seller says that with the presence of garbage and animals wondering everywhere, they risk contracting cholera since they always have their day time meals at the market.

Another market vendor who preffered anonymity confided to this reporter that they fear speaking out but stresses that political leaders should come out and help them out before the situation goes out of hand.

Leonard Maombo the district councilor representing Malaba narrates that there has been disagreement with the technical staff especially the Town Clerk and Treasurer. Maombo told this reporter that the issue is already before the Chief Administrative Officer for action since the duo has become a problem to service delivery.

The Malaba Town Council chairperson liably informed our reporter that all the truck supposed to carry the garbage are in dangerous mechanical state, a reason they haven’t been able to collect the garbage from the town.

The market master Eroni Otabong assured the market vendors that very soon the Town Council will receive garbage collection trucks to have the issue sorted.