15 Tororo district Emyooga Saccos given access to Government funds


NEWS– The Tororo Resident District Commissioner Nixion Owole has officially launched part of Emyooga Saccos beneficiaries to Access the funds Government deposited on their banks accounts.

Owole noted that the process was delayed by youths, bodaboda cyclists, journalist and taxi operators who did not submit the necessary documents on time.

The RDC noted that it’s sad out of 103 registered groups by the microfinance support center, only 15 have fulfilled the requirements to Access their bank accounts.

Owole calls upon other pending Saccos to quickly submit the necessary requirements to have access to Ugx 30M Government funds.

Etyang George said government has issued out pass books for free and tasked the Saccos to work together for Development.

Josephine Iyoru, the chairperson of Apetai restaurant operators appreciated the government for such a hand and promised to make sure that all members are put on board to benefit from this innitiative.