RDC Nandinda officially hands over Office, prepares for his last Supper in Kabale


KABALE– The outgoing Kabale district Resident Commissioner Darius Nandinda has finally handed over office following allegations that he had refused to officially participate in the norm. 

After serving in Kabale District for 9 years amidst political storms and waves, Nandinda is also reportedly preparing to have his last supper in Kabale District (Friday) today evening. He was   transferred to Nakasongora in the last Reshuffle of RDCs.

The mini party that was originally planned to involve enormous speeches in celebration of the longest Kabale RDC was reduced to only 20 people after “orders from above” stopped the mass gathering scheduled for Friday Evening. 

This followed the petition by Rubanda District Deputy Speaker Pierre Mbabazi  in which he sought to block the grand ceremony arguing that it would add trouble to the already soaring cases of COVID-19 in Kabale District. 

Mbabazi recently petitioned office of the President asking the authority to stop RDC Nandinda’s farewell party , explaining that it was in violation of the COVID-19 Preventive guidelines. 

Consequently, the New RDC Godfrey Nyakahuma communicated that he had received directives that the party should be stopped . 

However, RDC Nandinda insisted that the party would happen, but limited to attendance of only 20 people. 

We are yet to confirm whether there was a consensus between him and his successor, or whether it’s another “order from above”

A section of  sympathizers of the outgoing RDC say that a micro party happened in regard to the same on Thursday, but they also have no proof and they seem to be completely unaware of what their man is doing or planning to do about the celebrations. 

Like the famous orutambi show host on one of the radio stations in Kabale town usually says, “nababitugambira, baba batakubimaya ,” literally meaning, “Even those who told us did not know what they were saying” we remain watching and waiting .

It’s alleged that over Ugx 10M has already been collected by supporters of Nandinda, and some have since been suggesting that the money could only be handed over to him as a farewell package instead of spending it on pork and beer.