Court okays Kyambogo’s 17th Graduation ceremony


NEWS– Kampala High Court Justice, Dr. Flavian Zeija has dismissed an application filed by a group of  Kyambogo University students who petitioned the High Court seeking an interim injunction against the scheduled  17th graduation ceremony due to take place on the 21st of September.

A group of  45 students had accused the University of deliberately eliminating their names from the list of those due to graduate.

However, Justice Zeija ruled that students swore affidavits accompanying their petition without following the law.

The  said affidavits were sworn without the presence of the of the  commissioner of oaths as required.

One of the aggrieved student, Sensala Regan Francis who is due to graduate with a bachelors in Chemical Engineering said that they deserved to be on the graduation list since they cleared with all heads of departments and all exam coordinators yet their names were missing on the list. 

The University students claimed that the incompetence of the University should not be their problem  since they studied and met all the requirements.They accused the University Dean of telling them that they will not graduate this year, forcing them to seek court intervention.