NEMA to demolish multi-billion City apartments built in Wetlands


KAMPALA– National Environment Management Authority – NEMA  has announced its going ahead to demolish a huge investment illegally erected in a wetland.

The swanky storied Rental apartments that belong to city businessman, Robert Kiwanuka  are under construction  in Kimbejja Swamp area in Kirundambaata, Namugongo Kiira Municipality in Wakiso District.

The developer claims he has clearance from the Ministry of Water and Environment to  go ahead with the construction whose plan has already been approved by all Municipal authorities.

But NEMA  says  all this  was done without due diligence.

Inspectors from the National Environment Management Authority  confirm that the development is not approved by NEMA contrary to section 157 of the National Environment Management Act No 5 of 2019.

Besides the ongoing developments, NEMA has in exercise of the authority’s power issued a  Restoration Order to the developer which literally means the property has to be razed down and the wetland restored.