What used to be the Muhoozi project is now a programme & unstoppable

AKAMPA TANBULL: Kyaguranyi Ssentamu enjoy your money in Peace than misleading Ugandans
Akampa Rugaba Biretwaho

OPINION– When I wrote about whether the Muhoozi Project is real or utopian, I received numerous feedback on email and even some phone calls. Where as some were abusive, attached with emotions than reasoning. This article was published like a month ago!

I appreciated the all round feedback I got from Ugandans. Now, our investigations have clearly revealed shocking leads to all those Ugandans who are opposed to Lt Gen Muhoozi Keinerugaba from becoming a President of Uganda if he wished to.

We have discovered that MK has a growing fun base and support base that grows each and every day, the posters, flyers, stickers, t-shirts we see are not funded by Lt Gen MK himself but by different groups of his supporters who by the way have accumulated wealth and have influence over Media, Military and Money.

Remember these are the 3Ms that rule the World today,  Money if it fails, apply media and if media fails military comes handy!

 Especially in this era where majority of people have lost jobs, businesses and have no money because of COVID-19 out break that has largely devastated not only Uganda’s economy but the Global economy in totality! 

We have also discovered that MK has more following of the younger generation than his great Father Gen YKM, this solves the puzzle for the next electioneering cycle.

If today, MK got his father’s blessing or go ahead and he is officially retired from the army, he would get the support to make it to the number one office of the land.

There are only a few things for the MK group to panel beat, here and there and ka boom! He will be on the ballot paper if he wanted and if his father gives a go ahead.

What used to be the Muhoozi project is now a Programme, majority Politicians and those serving in President Museveni’s regime seem okay and backing/calling upon MK to make a decision and get the father’s blessings. We will be giving you this list soon.

For now, let us keep our fingers crossed until that time we will give you more about what our investigations have discovered.

For God and My Country Uganda. AKAMPA Tanbull Kahengye Peasant akampabi@gnail.com