20 year old Rwandan commits suicide in Uganda


NEWS– A 20 year old Rwandan man has committed suicide in Uganda after her mother allegedly denied him land which he wanted to sell to buy a motor cycle.

The deceased has been identified as Claude Mfitumukiza, a son to Ferriday Nyirabukarabone who resides in Kabale village, Nyarusiza sub-county in Kisoro District.

It is said that the deceased and his mother have been in Kisoro for the past 17 years working for survival most especially through carrying Irish potatoes for the local farmers. 

According to the deceased’s mother, the late Mfitumukiza spent the whole of Monday 20th September 2021 chasing her with a panga to go back to Rwanda to sell off the land for him to get money to buy a motorcycle. 

Nyirabukarabone stressed that she has only one plot of land in Rwanda which forced her to come to Uganda to work hard for money to enable her purchase atleast another plot saying that she now would have accepted to sell it because of her son’s pressure.
Nyirabukarabone revealed that it has been her son Mfitumukiza’s norm to terrorize her since his father died two months ago.

She adds that her son revealed to her that he had become tired of carrying Irish yet he cannot live without drinking Waragi.

Residents of Kabaale village and Gasiza trading Centre condemned the acts of terror from the youths against their parents advising them work for their own wealth.