OpEd– Are we independent
Or in deep ends then,
Oh, Uganda, may God uphold thee,
We lay our future in thy hands.
But do they still hold the future?

A big boy at 59 with a feeding bottle,
Where all life is invested in trouble,
Why should we even celebrate,
Are we sure we have a tomorrow,
After decades of struggle.

Pause for a minute and think,
Our children’s blood still soaks our soil,
By the trigger of the three eyed men,
Yes, its independence day as we claim,
But do the pictures rhyme with the frames.

Years and years of exploitation,
You’re fifty nine and you can’t play with your toy,
Celebrating years where democracy
Has been demolished, Autocracy in
Action by men who have hidden their faces.

Independence day,
We are sucking at the breast of your lies,
Of betterness after battles fought,
Independence day,
Oh, too old and forgotten.

A tragic celebration of nemesis,
Living the years of regret and
Gaining the satisfaction of years
Never to be remembered in life,
Gone with the independence we never bear.

Daniel Tusiimukye K’abaasa