Deputy CDF Elweru piches camp in Karamoja sub region


NEWS– The Deputy Chief of Defence Forces Lt Gen Peter Elwelu has urged leaders in Karamoja Sub-region to work together with government to pacify the region. 

Lt Gen Elwelu noted that the region has plenty of resources that can be profitably exploited for the benefit of all Ugandans.

He added that with the restoration of peace in Karamoja, the region will reap from the enormous government programs aimed at lifting people from poverty.

He cautioned residents to denounce cattle theft, witch craft and alcohol, for economic emancipation. Brig Gen Joseph Balikudembe, the Commander of the UPDF 3 Infantry Division, noted that the region is peaceful except for the escalating cattle thefts that have made the region underdeveloped. 

He called upon local authorities to embrace government programs in the area, most especially those aimed at securing the region. The RDC of Moroto Shilak James called upon residents to desist from the irritating cattle theft that has derailed the development of the region. 

While the RDC of Napak Uigai Moses urged all stakeholders involved in the disarmament process to mobilize residents  so that they can handover all illegal guns. He noted that illegal guns in the hands of the civilian population in the region have made the region backward.

The meeting was attended by representatives from Government, army and police.