Muhabura diocese announces Bishop Mugisha’s succession plan


KISORO– Muhabura diocese Synod members have appointed counsel Ernest Mushime Sendegeya as the diocesan chancellor. 

Counsel Ernest Mushime Sendegeya will lead a committee of 15 people that will select two names from the diocese to the house of Bishops. 

The Archbishop Bishop of the Church of Uganda will appoint a new Bishop of diocese of Muhabura from the two names that will be sent to the house of the Bishops by the nomination committee led by Counsel Ernest Mushime Sendegeya.

According to Muhabura diocese head of laity Canon Tereraho John, the process of appointing new bishop to replace Rt Rev. Cranmer Mugisha will take a period of eight months. 

He said that Counsel Ernest Sendegeya replaces Cristopher Gashirabake who was recently appointed as a judge.

Can Tereraho trashed letters that are spreading on social media by a section of Christians accusing Bishop Cranmer Mugisha of seeking early retirement to pave a way for Rev Stephen Ruzaza to replace him. 

He said that such letters are meant to create conflicts in the diocese stressing that Bishop Cranmer Mugisha has done a great role in uniting a once divided Muhabura diocese.