Police kills one, arrests 9 as they dismantle gang fronting fake land deals


NEWS– The Directorate of Crime Intelligence  in assistance with the Territorial Police in Kayunga has 9 suspects in it’s custody over fake land deals accusing them of robbing clients.

According to Police, the gang is linked to several crimes of aggravated robbery, attempted murder and related conspiracies in Namakandwa village, Kangulumira Sub-county in Kayunga district.

The criminal gang according to Police has been enticing unsuspecting customers with fake land deals and other fraudulent transactions stressing that they would enter into negotiations but unfortunately turn against the unsuspecting buyers and threaten to hack them with machetes and also rob them of their large sums of cash during payment.

The detained suspects include Nandutu Jennifer, the Namakandwa village chairperson, Mulinde Juma, Samanya Samuel, Kiyingi Kasim, Walakira John, Bogere Adam, Wambuyi Ali, Ziwa Kenneth and Kalumira Adi.

According to Police preliminary facts, the primary business of the gang was aggravated robbery and extortion stressing that they had a strategy of encouraging clients for lucrative but fake land deals.

The members are also accused of aligning with the village chairperson and as if it was not enough they went ahead to assign roles as landlords, bibanja holders, neighbours (witnesses), brokers, others placed advertisements, and the armed group (with pangas).

Following several complaints of robbery, the task team first arrested Wambuyi Ali, a gang member who led them to his accomplices at their usual spot at Namakandwa village where acording to Police, a group of around 15 suspects was found and 8 of them rounded up, bringing the total number of suspects to 9.

Police revealed that an additional suspect identified as Onyango Nicholas, was fatally wounded when he tried to hack a member of the task team using his panga and the machete was recovered as his body was also transported to Mulago hospital for post-mortem analysis.

Police added that the arrests made so far indicate their resolve to disrupt and dismantle criminal gangs that seek to profit through unlawful means adding that while there is still work to be done of tracking the other gang members, the force remains committed to protecting all Ugandans victimised by such acts of criminality and vowed to defeat them and make the communities safer.

The force cautioned the public and in particular intending buyers of property to always conduct sufficient due diligence on all properties and where possible use cashless transactions stressing that during this era, many fraudsters are fronting so many lucrative but fraudulent deals/transactions to purposely fleece their clients.

Police reports indicate that so far 5 people have been victimised by the notorious group and defrauded of cash amounting to Ugx 100M. 

In the dismantling process, Police also recovered fake US $11300 hence calling upon any other complainants and witnesses victimised by the criminal gang to come forward and record statements at Kayunga Police Station.