Bishop Bagamuhunda condemns youths’ engagement in premarital sexual acts


RUBANDA– The bishop of the diocese of Kigezi Rt. Rev. Eng Goerge Bagamuhunda has condemned the increasing rate at which teenagers are engaging themselves into sexuality that has hiked cases of teenage pregnancies in Kigezi sub region.

Bishop Bagamuhunda said that sexuality amongst teenagers destroys reputation, future, leads to school drop outs and loss of life especially at an early age and causes sexual related problems like diseases appealing to teenagers to be patient, take time for there is time to enjoy such things.

Bishop Bagamuhunda also stressed that sexuality among teenagers has caused tension, fear and tears amongst parents, relatives and church leaders worrying for what next if the trends carries on like it is.

Bishop Bagamuhunda asked parents to comfort, console and give advice to the affected teenagers, make them come close to God and renew their lives to Jesus Christ.

Bishop Bagamuhunda cautions Christians to keep observing the Standard Operating Procedures stressing that COVID-19 is real and kills.

Bishop Bagamuhunda made these remarks while confirming 34 Christians into the Anglican faith at Mungara Church of Uganda parish, Nyaruhanga Archdeaconry in Muko Sub County, Rubanda west constituency, Rubanda district.


Preaching from the gospel according to St Mathew, Bishop Bagamuhunda expressed his concern about the rapid increase of evil acts that have lured many Christians to sin and missing on the goodness of God this asking them to do all it takes to shun evil.

Bishop Bagamuhunda asked confirmants to develop a helping, loving and forgiving heart so that they have comfort in God to transform their lives in preparation for the kingdom of heaven.