Bishop Bagamuhunda tips parents on off School proper parenting

Church leaders asked to advise Christians on observance of COVID-19 SOPs
Bishop George Bagamuhunda

KABALE– The Bishop of the diocese of Kigezi has urged parents not to abandon their roles of making sure that their children are safe at home.

The Rt. Rev. Eng. George Bagamuhunda made these remarks on Wednesday from his office noting that since the establishment of the National lockdown, parents no longer take the responsibility of caring for their children which has sent most of them to bad acts that will ruin their future.

Recently, the Minister of Education Janet Museveni said that the government should not be blamed for the children who are getting pregnant at home, saying that this should be parents’ responsibility. The minister said that if parents have abandoned their roles, then this should never be blamed on the government.

Schools across the country have been closed since June 18th, 2021 upper classes and Lower classes have not reported back to school since last year when COVID-19 first struck.

On that note, Bishop Bagamuhunda says that parents should make their children busy not to engage in bad acts, hence the increased pregnancy that has increased nowadays.

He urged parents and guardians to always have ample time for children, advice and talk for them to be free and say what could hurt them.