“For God Electronics wasn’t our main target” netted Rukungiri armed robbery suspect speaks out


NEWS– The Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner Steven Bewayo Nsubuga who also heads the District security has come out to narrate on how they tracked the Rukungiri Municipality on Tuesday evening robbery suspects.

Bewayo confided to this reporter that they received intelligence information from Kampala that there was a planned robbery in Rukungiri business Centre.

After the incident that happened on Tuesday night at around 8Pm at For God Electronics shop, the trio took off to a certain forest and re-arranged their bags.

From there, they proceeded towards a tree plantation in Nyakibale where they met an 18 year old who confronted them and they put him out of action.

The deceased is Edward Tayebwa a resident of Bunura cell, Rwakabengo ward in southern division according to Bewayo was going to look for weeds for his rabbits when he met the trio.

They went on to change the clothes in Nyakibale tree plantation and later retreated from the forest with two taking to the left, the other compliance to the left.

It’s here that Dominic Twimugisha who took to the left was netted by the Police officers led by the Commander of Operations ASP Walubo Benon who had mounted a roadblock at Nyakibale.

Bewayo says that according to security coordinates from Kampala, the duo at large were still in the Municipality and Buyanja respectively.


He however asserts that that their primary intention was to rob from a hardware not the electronics shop but were compelled to change the plan after establishing that the hardware was being guarded by armed security personnel.


The armed men originate from Mbarara where they previously killed the Ruharo Police post OC and have since carried out several robbery missions.

Police and sister security agencies also arrested the lodge owners who hosted them on the night they arrived in town as well as the woman they slept with for interrogation.

Bewayo said the  suspect in custody Dominic Twimugisha upon interrogation confirmed that he was once a Securiko personnel in Ibanda, Mbarara and Kampala Districts respectively and they have always hired him once they had missions.

The District head of Security told this reporter that they are in touch with the Mbarara team to have the duo apprehended as well.

He appeals to the community especially the youths to desist from acts of lawlessness that might land them in turmoil.

Bewayo says that the hunt for the duo is currently on thus asking the community to ensure total vigilance since the duo still at large are in possession of a Pistol gun that can as well cause more harm.