“Scrap off Arts subjects if you deem them useless” 2026 Presidential Hopeful Twinomuhangi tells off Museveni


KABALE- Budding 2026 Presidential aspirant Angello Twinonomuhangi has once again scoffed at the President of the Republic of Uganda HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa this time for creating segregation in teachers’ benefits from their profession.

Twinomuhangi who is grateful to the teachers for the job well done irrespective of the hardships they go through every day was responding to recent Cabinet’s decision to have science teachers bagging more salary than their Arts Counterparts.

The Educationist who argue that all teachers are equal since they spend equal training time says that Museveni’s government should scrap off Art Subjects for good since it considers them useless.

According to him, big people in government who are earning huge salaries especially the Members of Parliament and Ministers are graduates in Arts subjects thus calling for concerted efforts to have all teachers’ welfare worked upon.

This will as well force incapable learners to opt for science subjects pursuing the dream of earning huge future salaries that may in the end lead to many failures since the subjects are not friendly to al learners given the different capacities and talents we are born with according to Twinomuhangi.

“Improving the level of science subjects is not only through improving the welfare of teachers alone yet there are other scientists who are poorly paid of now” he said.

The Budding presidential aspirants argues that the government previously invested hugely in Scientists to favor Innovation and creativity and the results have not been convincing lowering the morale of the students who would have wished to study sciences.

Away from that, Twinomuhangi contend that Arts subjects also play a huge role that scientists can’t do without them citing examples like in the procurement process stressing that sidelining them is a danger to the future of this great nation.

His mind is that all teachers be paid equivalently not less than 1.5M for Primary and 2M for secondary School teachers since they are not entitled to any allowance although they spend spending all their week at school.

In June 2021, Museveni while meeting doctors under their umbrella Uganda Medical Association (UMA) at the Entebbe State House, reiterated the government’s commitment to enhance salaries of medical practitioners and other scientists including teachers. The pledge was recently approved by the cabinet putting the starting science teachers’ salary at Ugx 4 million.

Asked about the essence of teaching Science in Local language, Disappointed Twinomuhangi stressed that the trend is aimed at subdividing Uganda based on the people’s areas of origin.

He adds that some scientific terms need to be learnt in an International language that would help in Knowledge sharing with experts from within and abroad which may turn difficult once each region studies in their native languages.

Before the Interview’s climax, Twinomuhangi decried Government’s continued closure of schools stressing that the Pearl of Africa is the only Nation on the continent that hasn’t opened gates for learners.