UPDF roots for vigilance as Livestock theft shakes up Kigezi region


KABALE– The Head of Deployments at the UPDF 2nd Division Maj. Francis Takirwa has emphasized a need to re-introduce cattle registration exercise in a bid to curb down livestock theft across the districts and neighbouring countries’ borders.

The resolution was reached during the Kigezi sub region security meeting brought together RDCs, District chairpersons, CAOs, veterinary officers and security agencies from districts in Kigezi sub region held at Rukiiko hall in Kabale district.

Maj. Takirwa said that formerly, registration of livestock before trade used to happen and people would know the number of livestock in sub counties, parishes and districts something that helped in provision of livestock requirements before trade.

Maj. Takirwa adds that since then more mistakes have emerged in illegal livestock trade ranging from village level leadership to internal security arrangements and military personnel at political levels and traders themselves.

The meeting resolved to hold several meetings to follow up on whatever the district security committees will be implementing regarding illegal trade of livestock with the help of district veterinary officers demanding all trade documents and permits to be uniform.

The second division commander noted that the meeting established that currently animals are smuggled to Democratic republic of Congo where an animal is sold close to six million shillings warning the public to embrace trading of cattle internally or else security intervenes.

He further said that they will ensure authentic and genuine movement of livestock in order to protect cattle keepers from intimidations.