BIO DATA! Who is Hope Kishande Kivengere?


BIO– As preparations for the final sendoff of Hope Kishande Kivengere are ongoing, different people have hailed her for being a developmental and God-fearing woman during her tenure on earth.

In his tweet message, the Minister of Security Maj. Gen Jim Muhwezi described Hope Kivengere as a person who was a compatriot and a hero.

Maj. Gen Muhwezi adds that Hope Kivengere was a principled woman who fought for truth, justice and freedom and owed her life to her courage and loyalty.

He said that Hope Kivengere was a woman who used to risk death and worse fighting for what she believed in and dedicated her life to her country and its people at large. He further said that during the war, hope Kivengere sheltered him at a great personal risk to herself.

Speaking to our reporter in their home at Rugarama hill in Kabale municipality, Charity Kivengere, the elder sister to hope Kivengere described her as a person who was loving, hard work, God fearing and reliable.

Charity Kivengere commended Hope Kivengere for her developmental support to the family while still on earth.


Hope Kivengere was the third child born in the family of four children to the late Bishop of the diocese of Kigezi Rt. Rev. Festo and canon Merab Kivengere.

Hope Kivengere was born on 19th August 1949 and passed on 19th October 2021 at an age of 72.

In her education tenure, Hope Kivengere studied at Hornby primary school in Kabale district, she went to Gayaza High school, Ellis High school Pittsburgh in the United states of America and later joined Chatham college also in Pittsburgh in the United states of America.

Hope Kivengere also studied at Sorbonnc university in Paris where she finally joined London University in the United Kingdom.

After her studies in France and the United Kingdom, hope Kivengere went to Kenya in 1980 where she taught in different schools until she returned back to Uganda in 1986 when she was appointed as press secretary to his excellency president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni until her retirement in 2001.

After her retirement, Hope worked with various international organizations as a consultant in Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Djibouti. She also worked as an election observer in Malawi, Comoros and Zambia for the African union.

Hope Kivengere was also an active member in the African women mediator’s network for FEMWISE and played part of the group of Eminent Elders for COMESA.

Hope Kivengere who passed away this week on Tuesday at Nakasero Hospital in Kampala will be laid to rest tomorrow in her home in Rugarama, Northern Division in Kabale municipality.