Komamboga explosion was planted by people power supporters, fresh Details emerge


KAMPALA– Fresh details emerging from Saturday night’s explosion attributes this to some people power supporters.

A barmaid who narrowly survived death following an attack at her work place- Digida Bar- at Komamboga in Kampala has narrated how the bomb exploded leaving many customers fatally injured and three dead, although police maintains that there were no fatalities.

Speaking to journalists at the scene, the lady mentions three people who reportedly died. She further explains how the suspected attackers planted the bomb in the crowds.

She said three men who came as clients ordered for bottles of Nile Special but looked unsettled.

“Usually, we have our customers that we serve. They were seated somewhere and all other tables were occupied because today, customers were really more than usual, including new ones;’ she said.

“So, two men came; the first one was wearing a People Power shirt. He asked me whether I would serve him, and I said ‘yes: He then asked asked for two buckets of Nile Special beer. But he was not very strange to me. I have ever seen him. I brought for him beer. Shortly, another one came, and I also gave him beer;’ she narrated.

Komamboga pork joint has numerous makeshift bars that house hundreds of revelers who order for pork and drinks.

“Later on, I went to ask them for money to report to the counter, but I could not trace them,” a visibly traumatized waitress added.

“A little later they (men) returned. I asked for money, and one said, he was going to pay me. I went back to the counter, made a receipt and brought it to him. He folded it, and threw it back to me. Suddenly, someone came with a bottle wrapped in a black kaveera (polythene bag), and put it under the table. At least five people, including my boss saw it. They (two men) suddenly left, and a bomb went off;’ she said.