Kanungu DPC warns residents on terrorist attacks

Kanungu DPC Godfrey Ninsiima addressing Kihihi TC business community

KANUNGU– The Kanungu District Police Commander (DPC) Godfrey Ninsiima has warned the people of Kanungu especially the business community to be extra vigilant since the area being close to porous border is vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Ninsiima made the remarks on Monday October 25th 2021, while addressing a meeting that was attended by Kihihi Business Community Leaders at the Town Council Hall.

Ninsiima who was posted to Kanungu District shortly after the elections was meeting Kihihi Town Council business community for the first time after returning from DPCs training in Olilim.

He said that reports indicate that many business people and members of the public have relaxed COVID 19 guidelines which will not be toralated because it has become a security threat as witnessed on the recent incident where bombers attacked revellers past 9pm.

Ninsiima said that Kanungu District  remains vulnerable terrorist area because of it’s closeness to the border with Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo where the Allied Democratic Forces actively operate.

Officer in charge of Kihihi Police Station Pius Asiimwe addressing the meeting

The DPC also warned that due to the incoming christmas festivities, targeted robberies and thefts will increase especially in busy business centres which need public vigilance to avoid any occurrences.

He also asked the business community to avoid carrying large sums of money at home or to the banks without Police escort because it puts the person at a great risk.

Ninsiima however called for close working relationship with the community to ensure that there is good working relationship with the Police as part of community policing in order to reduce the crime in their areas.

Kihihi Town Council Mayor Sostine Buregyeya and the Chairman of the Business community Charles Muhangi attended the meeting

He warned the business men who are involved who are in a habit of smuggling goods across the country to be careful saying that when caught, the law will be applied without fear or favoritism.

The meeting was also addressed by Officer in Charge of Kihihi Police Station Pius Asiimwe, the Mayor Kihihi Town Council and the Chairman of the business community Charles Muhangi among many others.