NEW DAWN! Uganda to Embrace modern tailor-made ATMO Weather System

Some of the officials from ATMO posing for a group photo with staff from UNMA in Kampala ( Photo / Courtesy )

KAMPALA– Uganda is known for the it’s  best weather all over the globe and this is not disputed. With the current trends, most people are  shifting from subsistence farming to commercial agriculture which is slowly picking up.  As one gets to  think of investing in this lucrative sector that we hold as a cash cow in this country, knowing weather patterns and having predictable results is a must.

With the current  advancement in  technology,  ATMO has taken the bull by horn and  signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Uganda  National Metrological Authority (UNMA) which will focus on deploying, developing and operations of the Al- based  tailor-made weather systems.

The much anticipated project is slated to roll out by May 2022 and it will be critical in  the budding  oil and gas sector, mining, transport among others since  they need predictable  forecasts.

Speaking at the event signing, Dr. Anna Prouse, Atmo’s  Vice President of Goverent relations said that  ATMO – UNMA MoU will position Uganda as a continental trailblazer  in next-generation of meteorology technologies.

“The enthusiasm and knowledge we encountered was stunning and we look forward to working hand-in-hand to provide a customized solution whose goal is to deliver  the state of the art meteorology to everyone, leaving nobody behind.”  added  Dr. Prouse.

Dr. Anna prouse in the center after signing the MoU with David W. Elweru – UNMA Executive Director as other members look on.

Dr. Apuuli Bwango, Chairperson  UNMA’S board of directors noted that as some African countries are maintaining old wireless telecommunications, Uganda  will  be deploying  AI-based forecasting systems.

Notably, the partnership betwern ATMO and UNMA  will foster  cooperation , increase the accuracy and capability of weather forecasting models for Uganda at the same time  cut costs compared to obsolote systems.

More to add, this new system will immensely help to handle the country’s disaster preparedness and management that has been common in areas  such as Kasese,  Bududa,  Bundibugyo, around  shores of lake Kyoga among others that are prone to these natural catastrophies.

Additionally, this technology also guides the country in making quick decisions that better human safety, reduce on the damages caused by disasters, improve  economic planning of the country.

Atmo can bear and anticipates extreme conditions thus making it possile to deal with the out comes.

They also  deliver  long -term remedies by using effectively Deep Learning solutions and  at least bearable in terms of  affordability than the conventional ones that cost hefty sums of money.

This new era of technology was also rolled out in  Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, a bloc of 21 African countries and 583 million people, to collaborate on next-generation meteorology systems.