Top Ugandan Muslim cleric gunned down


NEWS– A Muslim cleric has been killed in the ongoing military operations related to terrorism in the country.

Sheikh Mohammad Kilevu Abbasi was killed in the wee hours of Thursday. He allegedly tried to escape according to security sources but this has been contradicted by his 12 year old daughter.

She said when the raid occurred, her father was handcuffed and the children told to lock the house only for bullets to go off minutes after. Kilevu’s wife, Sofia was also taken away by officers.

Suicide bombs went off on Monday in Kampal at CPS and near Parliament. Police men were mainly injured with others left dead. The Islamic state (IS) claimed responsibility. President Museveni has said that the ADF is responsible for the ongoings. In 2019, ADF declared its allegiance to IS.

President Museveni blamed a one Nsubuga to be behind the recruitment of youth into terror cells. An investigation confirmed Nsubuga Suleiman was an Imaam at Salaam Mosque in Lweza.