Broken bridge cuts off connection between Rukungiri & Kanungu districts


RUKUNGIRI– Residents of Nyakishenyi Sub County in Rukungiri district have expressed concern over government’s delay to renovate Burambira bridge that connects Rukungiri to Kanungu district.

The current poor state of the bridge has affected residents of Shogashoga, Burambira, Gonyo, Gugoro, Kiganda and Kagongyi all in Nyakishenyi Sub County Rukungiri district who routinely use the affected bridge.

According to residents, Burambira Bridge got damaged six years ago and they were forced to make a temporary one for their survival after government’s failure to rectify the problem.

They told our reporter that the current state of the bridge is out of their hands stressing that they informed all responsible district authorities but no positive response has been done.

They revealed that while soliciting votes from them, Hon. Naboth Namanya the area legislator promised to work on their bridge immediately after assuming office but to their surprise, he isn’t laying hopeful plans of having their grievance sorted.

Angry residents stress that they might not participate in the forthcoming general elections since they are usually left out in terms of service delivery by the leaders they vote for.

Tukamushaba Anibo, a boda boda cyclist operating in Burambira said that some of his colleagues have drawned in the river after the motorcycles they were travelling on plunged into the river due to damaged bridge.

Mbasa Manton, Ninsiima Evelyn, Binomugisha Mackline, Rev. Zadoki Tindiwensi and Barekye Pauson told our reporter that business in the areas is on stand still since they can’t transport their produce to market.


Ainebyoona Brian Bantu, the Nyakishenyi sub county district councilor says he’s working hand in hand with other leaders to rescue people affected by the same bridge asserting that he has already visited district engineer’s office for the same matter.

Ainebyoona however wants the government to intervene immediately before people lose lives at the said Burambira Bridge.

Asiimwe Lovence, the Nyakishenyi sub county speaker also said that their council has been informing responsible authorities about the happening but nothing has been done.

Asiimwe added that children might lose their lives at the said spot once the government reopens schools in January next year since most of them use the same bridge to and from Schools.

She explained that service delivery in Nyakishenyi Sub County is still wanting since most social services especially schools and hospitals are distant which according to her is unfair. 

Cue…….Bantu & Asiimwe on bridge