Three Congolese arrested in Kihihi Town council hunting for birds


KANUNGU– The joint security team in Kihihi Town Council in Kanungu district have in their custody 3 youth who are reported to be Congolese citizens who were allegedly found hunting birds in Uganda.

A source from the Security at Kihihi Police Station were they were taken for interrogation intimated to our reporter said that the 3 were arrested with the birds they had already killed in Bihomborwa Cell, Bihomborwa Ward, Kihiihi Town Council, Kanungu District.

Kanungu Deputy Resident District Commissioner Gad Ahimbisibwe Rugaju has confirmed the arrest of the 3 from Democratic Republic of Congo and were identified as Mumbere Suwedi aged 17 years, Enock Bahati aged 16 years and Mako Kiiza aged 14 years.

However the suspects did not carry identification papers, and only claimed to have left Democratic Repuic of Congo to Uganda to hunt and shoot birdsonly.

However the Uganda security is concerned how the 3 Congolese managed to cross to Uganda and move deep inside without detection in disguise of hunting for birds.

Some of the birds , hunting devices and hammer that were found with the suspected Congolese youth arrested in Kihihi Town Council.

They were each a band of small stones, hummers, shooting device, dead birds of two rear specie and are all handed over to Police for more investigations.

RDC Rugaju told our reporter that the Security will try to find out how the 3 youthful Congolese crossed into Uganda and what their mission was all about and if they had a connection to any fighting group including the deadly ADF.