Entrepreneur Musinguzi Garuga urges Youths to productively use their time

Businessman James Musinguzi Garuga addressing Kanungu District Youth Fraternity Association.

KANUNGU– Businessman James Musinguzi Garuga has asked the youths to use their time productively so that they can be successful in future.

Garuga made the remarks while addressing Kanungu District Youth Fraternity Association in a meeting at Farmers Lounge in Kanungu Town Council.

Mzee Garuga as he is popularly nicknamed told the youth that opportunities are not received by people who are dormant and therefore they must move out from their comfort zones and work for the future.

Musinguzi Garuga said that for every successful journey there must be a beginning and opportunities will come along the way and asked them to do research on what they can do to better their lives.

He however asked the youth to remain united and work together saying that individual initiatives have no impact on communities and therefore pledged that he would support their projects if they become united.

Some of the youth who attended meeting.

Muzei Garuga reminded the  youth that whereas it’s not ones choice to be born poor, it’s one choice to live in poverty and die poor and urged them to start income generating projects that will make them entrepreneurs. 

He said that whereas Kanungu has vast land for use only 18% has been used and the rest remains idle yet his two factories need Tea leaves to process, and asked the youth to take advantage of unutilised land to practice farming the only sure way to get them out of poverty.

He however threatened that he will close his two factories in Kanungu District if electricity continues to be on and off because they are making losses due to interruptions of electricity when factories work below production capacity.

Kanungu District Vice Chairman Henry Mwongyera urged the youth to have programs to follow to become successful.

The meeting was also addressed by Kanungu District Vice Chairman Henry Mwongyera, who asked the youth to remain programmed in whatever they do as youth if they want to achieve tangible results.

While speaking at the same event Captain Charles Byaruhanga asked the youth to remain focused and plan for their future by prioritising their needs, while an agriculturalits Alfred Rwakarara promised them agricultural extension services.

The Association Chairman Joseph Nduhukire said that the group is involved in growing Cocoa and rearing rabbits for commercial purposes and Muzei Garuga donated Ugx 1 m to boost their projects.