Mr President, what if our Govt prioritized better sources of livelihoods & mental health for the Bazzukulu!

OPINION: As we condemn Police brutality, Hon Kyagulanyi MUST bring his men to order

OPINION– Your Excellency Sir, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. I bring you greetings from Kahengye Kebisoni Town Council in Rukungiri District. As well allow my to bring our heart felt sympathies and condolences to you and the innocent Ugandans who lost their loved ones in the waves of silly bomb attacks our Country has so far witnessed in the few days back.

Your Excellency, as a student of Democracy and Sustainable development, accept some of my thoughts about these terror threats.

*The main objective of these attacks is not to kill ordinary business men and Women but to threaten Government officials, weaken the NRM Government by portraying it weak and no longer able to protect the lives of Ugandans if it can not protect their leaders/politicians  or even the police officers then the Citizens are neither safe.*

*This is the mentality they want to instill in the ordinary Ugandans, so that they live in fear for their lives.* *This will eventually affect the economy further thus more people will become more poor and desperate to gang against our NRM Government.*

Let us not forget that COVID-19 has already done worse to people’s sources of incomes, created more unemployment not only in your bazukulu but also in their parents or guardians, the educated and uneducated! Even when the economy had seem to be on a steady trajectory progress. Things are becoming worse especially for us the ordinary Ugandans thus it is paramount for our Government to focus on improving livelihood so that no any Ugandan sleeps hungry or even fails to pay simple rent of 100,000/= (one hundred thousand Shillings).

I am a professional youth worker, I have met youth who even tell me that if they got some one giving them as little as Ugx 20M, they would bomb Parliament or even entire Owino! This sounds insane but this is where we are as a Country, some bazukulu/Ugandans are so desperate, frustrated, dejected and very hopeless.

They have gone to School but jobs are no where, some have sold land, animals, birds etc but ended up being branded as failures! They can not come back to villages because society will ditch them further.

They have decided to stay in the City where they sleep hungry, they are thrown out of houses by land lords or they keep playing ping pong or hide and seek with landlords because they have no money!

You will surely agree with me that some of the terrorist cells recruit, manipulate the desperate and vulnerable. Our youth have been lured into these acts of domestic terrorism.

On the other hand, Mental health is not a popular topic for our people to discuss on a day to day basis, but occur to our people and its hard for them to cope up. Research has it that 1 out of 4 people you meet, is a victim. Yet our Government has not prioritized this in any way.

The feeling of one being hopeless, thinking that he or she can not be any one or any body in life and even family not caring about him or her. Some don’t even have families but they are fighting hard to make ends meet!

Too much drug abuse within our people. These drugs are all over and not regulated! Inadequate  pycho-social support facilities or counselling with in our health centres or community.

The suicide bombers, some have been mentally manipulated into terrorism cells to do what they are doing without asking themselves whether what they are doing is human or not.

Therefore, Mr President, your Govt has a lot to do, improve on the livelihood of people so that at least the poorest Ugandan can at least afford one meal a day without so much hustle.

Put in place more pyscho-social support systems for our people with in communities.

For God and My Country Uganda.*AKAMPA Tanbull*