Alleged CDF Gen Mbadi’s bar turned into torture chamber, residents cry for help


MASAKA– The leaders in Masaka City have ran back to their area on a mission to rescue their subjects from alleged torture.

It is alleged that most area residents have suffered a blow of serious torture inside Plan A pub in Nyendo, Kitaka zone in Masaka City which has allegedly been turned into a torture chamber.

According to Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba the leader of Opposition in the 11th Parliament who also doubles as the Nyendo Mukugwe county legislator, the leaders response follows public outcry in the above mentioned bar.

“With fellow leaders in Masaka City, we responded to a public outcry in regard to what goes on inside Plan A pub in Nyendo, Kitaka zone”, Mpuuga said.

The leader of Opposition stressed that the above mentioned bar is allegedly owned by the Chief of Defence Forces CDF Gen Wilson Mbadi Mbasu.

Mpuuga revealed that there  are also claims by the residents that two people were killed by the managers of the same bar one of the very few that remained operational despite President Museveni’s COVID-19 directives. 

This leader noted that if the security forces are not willing to act upon this impunity, the people will close down the bar and restore tranquil in the area.