“Even my pigs can’t reside in such Police houses” Twinomuhangi on corrupt Police Officers


KABALE- The 2026 Presidential Hopeful Angello Twinomuhangi has scoffed at President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa for always criticizing Police officers for being corrupt yet he pays them peanuts.

Twinomuhangi who is also the former Kabale University Prime Minister says the situation these Police Officers are living in is devastating for any human being with Museveni himself inclusive.

Citing an example of the dilapidated housing structures at Mbale Central Police station, Twinomuhangi was so touched that pigs can’t live in such accommodation of Museveni’s security men in Uniform.

“Its shameful for Mister Museveni to criticize Police Officers who spend 24 hours working week in week out and their money is subjected to huge taxes at the expense of some mafias in government who work less and earn big” says Twinomuhangi.

According to him, the government should look into uplifting the salaries of these men in uniform to atleast Ugx 1.5M so that they have some money in their pockets and their accounts if corruption is to be done with.

He adds that the reasons why some police officers are deserting the force are the hard situation they are going through both in earning and motivation on the job.

“Even My pigs can’t reside in some Police residences because they are not fit for them. How then can a president expect someone living in such a situation to perform well?. Can any of Museveni’s relatives or shamba boys reside in such houses?” he added.

According to Twinomuhangi, the country will be thrown into turmoil should the responsible bodies fail to handle the current situation these people work are working in.

Recently, the Country was thrown into shock after pictures emerged of the dilapidated Mbale Police Station staff quarters leaving many wondering how Security men and women in uniform survive in such condition.