2020 UCE Rukungiri best performer ventures into poultry & piggery to beat unending lockdown


LIFESTYLE– Many people say the best way to predict your future is to create it but it takes alot of courage, hardwork, bravery, determination and confidence to create the exact future you need.

As a person with all of the above, Peter Ahumuza the Rukungiri best performer in 2020 Uganda Certificate of Education has ventured in poultry keeping and piggery as a way of surviving the long unending lockdown that has left many students losing hope in their future since learning institutions were shut due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Ahumuza who is yawning to go to one of the best schools in the country for his Advanced level (A’level) stresses that he has resorted to the above activities during the time when schools are still under lockdown so that he gets financial back up by the time of reopening.

Besides poultry keeping and piggery, Ahumuza has done much to help his parents in doing domestic duties the act he says has found more interesting because of having supportive and guiding ‘God given’ parents.

Ahumuza appeals to fellow students who are encumbered by the pandemic never to lose hope and priotise keeping their lives safe stressing that life is above all the most important.

He advises his fellows to perform some valuable tasks for proper accountability at the beginning of the 2022 academic journey.

“All I can say is that with faith, hope and confidence hand in hand with capacity, strength and sagacity with the help of God, success must be”, he added stressing that the best view comes after the hardest climb.

According to the last President Museveni’s address to the nation, all schools are slated to fully reopen in January 2022 and Ahumuza who is interested in the health department for his future has already set a place at Mbarara City based Ntare School and is ready to take on Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics for his two year A’level career.

Ahumuza noted that though he was at around the end of his journey disrupted by the pandemic that hit the whole country and left students in the same boat but he utilized that ‘idle time’ basing on the principle that successful people have always utilized the time others have wasted.

“I had some lessons on TVs and also some Coaching that exposed me to a variety of content that I missed and even from the best teachers of excelling schools which helped me to have more interest in the academic line”, Ahumuza stressed.

Here is what you didn’t know about Ahumuza Peter the best performer in 2020 UCE.

He was born on 4th November 2003 to Mr & Mrs Augustine Muhumuza both retired teachers in Rwabutonya village, Kyaruyenje parish, Buhunga sub-county in Rukungiri district.

Ahumuza who is the 5th child of the 7 siblings of his parents started his academic journey at Trinity Primary School in Buhunga sub-county where he sat for his Primary Leaving Certificate PLE  and obtained 8 aggregates in 4.

He then proceeded and started his secondary life from Bubangizi SS in the neighbouring Mitooma district but left still in S.1 for St Raphael SS Nyakanyinya for the rest of the Ordinally level.

Despite being a small and village school, St Raphael SS Nyakanyinya shaped Ahumuza to work around the clock and even compete outside the school level that made him emerge as the best student in the district and the schools record holder for the time with 9 aggregates in 8.

According to him, the journey at St. Rafael was tough as it involved moving through thick and thin but majorly based on two principles hard work and standing strong helped him succeed.

Ahumuza narrated that the question should not how be how he made it but should rather be who is next stressing that if one is to be next there needs to be a smart way of solving the calculation of having the excellent performance.

He noted that all depends on how best one utilises his time and having the positive mentality of knowing the dream can finally be achieved stressing that the only difference that lies between one’s dream and reality is the will and the belief.