Mpungu Sub County receives food relief following heavy hailstorm

Mpungu Sub County residents happily receiving food relief from the government.

NEWS– The people of Mpungu Sub County have been urged to work together and plant trees around their homes and Compounds which can act as wind breakers during the rainy season.

The call was made today by Political Assistant to the Kinkizi West Member of Parliament, Ariheihi Edwin Izaara who represented Hon James Ruugi Kaberuka while distributing food relief to the people of Mpungu Sub County in Kanungu district who were hit by heavy hailstorm.

Mr Ariheihi said that Hon Kaberuka’s promised Ugx 1.2 M house rent for people whose houses and homes were washed away by wind and hailstorm they were given Ugx 990,000 the rest would be paid in the due course.

Mpungu Sub County Chief Obadia Kamara said that they received 8000 kgs of Posho and 4000 kgs of beans which were distributed to 985 families from 9 villages in 4 Parishes that were affected by heavy hailstorm.

Beneficiaries from different Parishes in Mpungu Sub County thanked the government of Uganda for remembering them during this difficult time by bringing food relief which will make them recover from the looming famine.

Majority of the recipients were women.

Mpungu Sub County Speaker Kyomuhangi Izidolo said that homes were destroyed and many food and cash crops were destroyed like Tea, maize, beans, banana plantation and many other crops and he thanked MP Kinkizi West Hon James Ruugi Kaberuka for the support and many leaders who lobbed food relief for the people of Mpungu Sub County.

It should be remembered that in September, heavy hailstorm hit Mpungu Sub County and destroyed property worth millions of Shillings and damaged crops which prompted the leaders led by Hon Kaberuka to intervene and seek for relief from the government.

Additional Reporting by Glorious Amumpaire