Government wants internet cost slashed down


NEWS– The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance Dr. Amina Zawedde has disclosed that the government of Uganda has intentions to start vigorous talks with various telecommunications companies and internet service providers to have internet costs slashed.

Dr. Amina Zawedde revealed this today while in a meeting with members of the press at Mengo where she said that the expensive nature of internet fares is a stumbling block to government in her efforts to communicate with people.

She observed that due to high cost of internet service in Uganda, it has complicated its efforts to inform the population about matters of national importance.

She made it categorically clear that internet is a vital tool in global communications and connections between youths, and various foreign campanies seeking to employ these Ugandans and therefore said that the government is going to ensure that there is serious coordination between the governing structure and the youths, so that there is a link between them and foreign companies who are out to develop their skills.

“These companies can use government as a link to Ugandan youths, such that these young stars are employed, and this is only possible when internet fares are too low. At the moment, internet fares are too high, and people are poor.” Dr Zawedde said.

She stressed that the expensive nature of internet charges has greatly hampered peoples’ progress in doing internet related activities, and reiterated government’s commitment to slash the costs.

The CBS FM chairman Micheal Kawooya Mwebe asked government to fulfil its promises of reducing internet charges because most of the activities in the current real world are internet based, due to the impact of Covid-19.

Uganda is one of the top countries in Africa with high internet fares, and the situation was made more desperate in April this year, when government slapped a 12% tax on all internet packages.

On September 6th, 2020, Victoria University secretary Edwin Bamulanga asked government to reduce internet costs to enable effective delivery of online lectures and in the past months, government pledged to reduce internet costs, a decision which is yet to be implemented.