Former NRA recruitment coordinator begs to meet Museveni over unfulfilled promises


NEWS- The former National Resistance Army Recruitment coordinator for greater Kabale District has called upon the government to compensate the loss he suffered after the Uganda people congress Army invaded his Home.

Speaking to our reporter in Kabale Municipality, Wallen Tumusiime 70, a resident of Kabasaba village, Kahoondo Parish Maziba sub county in Kabale District noted that he got to Know about the National Resistance Army in 1984 as he did business in Kasese District.

He adds that on the way to and from Kasese, he would be intercepted by the UPC army who would rob him with others of their money up to when the National Resistance Movement army which was being commanded by Major Jim Muhwezi started Operations in Rwenzori REGION.

Around 1984 April, the army blocked transport and one had to first seek for a travel document from Major Jim Muhwezi and through his friend the Late Henry Tinka, he managed to meet Muhwezi in Rwenzori.

Tumusiime adds that Muhwezi gave him an assignment of looking for Police officers in Kabale who would join the National Resistance Army to Fight the Uganda Peoples congress Army and would transport them from kabale to Kasese using his own money.

He adds that upon almost having gathered over 100 NRA Recruits in 1984, the UPC army invaded his home for his life but he managed to escape and the invaders impounded his car, destroyed his house though they never harassed his family.

Tumusiime says that it was after president Museveni made his first Presidential address that he managed to return home and found out nothing at home.

He adds that his search for now Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi since 1990 has yielded no fruits of hope since he’s always bounced back and denied access to the Minister’s office.

Disgruntled Tumusiime says that what hurts him most is seeing his whole effort invested in the struggle recruiting and transporting the people from Kabale using his own transport never valued by the regime.

He adds that it’s unfortunate that people who have contributed less than he did towards the struggle are the ones enjoying his sweat he invested in the regime.

Tumusiime who claims to have approached all the offices in the district from the district chairman to the RDC says he has not received an appeasing reply.

The disgruntled struggle hero claims to have wrote and approached Hon David Bahati three times about his issues but nothing he has so far gained from their meeting.

Another influencial government official he met was the then Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda who he thought would would help him meet the President, but nothing he helped him.

Cue in……….WALLEN.