Ankole Political Activists Club assesses area Woman MPs, Ibanda’s Jane Beinomugisha trails


NEWS– The Ankole Political Activists Club-APAC has today released a scorecard assessing the 150 days performance of area Members of Parliament-MPs starting with Woman MPs.

During the event held today, Sunday January 9,2022 at Generation Suites Mbarara, the club that comprises political analysts, activists and journalists including Aaron Ainomugisha who’s the founder Rise Against Poverty Organization-RAP Uganda, Mugisha Nomax, Patrick Kabatereine Nugless, Ronald Kyamadidi, among others, announced that this is geared towards holding leaders accountable and informing their electorates about their achievements and failures monthly, quarterly & annually.

In today’s released scorecard, Rwampara’s Molly Asiimwe came first with 78% followed by Mbarara city’s Atukwasa Rita Bwahika with 58%, Ayebare Margaret Rwebyambu of Mbarara district with 51%, Jennifer Muheesi of Kazo 47%, Mugumya Clare of Isingiro district 30%, Jovanice Rwenduru of Kiruhura 26% and Ibanda’s Jane Beinomugisha came last with 13%.

According to the club, the assessment is based on the MPs’ media engagement, community presence, ensuring that there are services in their areas, participation in parliamentary plenaries, among others all in line with the 4 major functions of an MP.

Ar­ti­cle 79 of the con­sti­tu­tion pro­vides for the 4 main func­tions of Par­lia­ment, which are; to make laws for peace, or­der, de­vel­op­ment and good gov­er­nance of Uganda, per­forming the roles of over­sight, passing the national budget & rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the elec­torate.

The scorecard indicated that Molly Asiimwe has tried to fight land grabbing, water scarcity, supported sports and talent among others in her area.

“We can’t & won’t allow leaders to sit and relax, enjoying salaries yet Ugandans aren’t getting services. We’ll check them. No sleeping,” Aaron Ainomugisha who’s the club’s media & community affairs minister said.

Scorecards shall be shared with the public using media and other avenues, parliament leadership including Speaker’s office, heads of committees and other stakeholders including non-government entities. 

Different scorecards shall also be shared with Auditor General, Inspectorate of Government, State House Anti-Corruption Unit, among other relevant entities.

Ankole Political Activists Club addressing the media

Leaders that will be assessed and their scorecards released include all MPs, LC 5 chairpersons, RDCs & RCCs, Chief Administrative Officers-CAOs, DHOs, DEOs, Mayors, City/Town Clerks & other technocrats, and all leaders from different areas for improved service delivery.

Aaron Ainomugisha, founder Rise Against Poverty Organization-RAP Uganda

The Club says this is geared towards realizing National Development goals, Inclusiveness and UN Sustainable development goals-SDGs 2030 and beyond.