Minister Bahati rallies local leaders to spearhead COVID-19 vaccination programs


KABALE– The State Minister of trade industry and cooperatives Hon David Bahati has rallied local Council one Chairperson and village health teams to spearhead covid-19 vaccination campaigns in their areas.

Minister Bahati notes that government has done its part of ensuring that vaccinations such Astrazeneca, Johnson and Johnson, Mordana, among others are available so it’s now the turn for the people to embrace it and get vaccinated as the economy reopens officially after two years of lockdown.

This was in his message to the people of Kigezi which he delivered in his media address on Friday. Bahati clarified that over 100,000 people in Kabale have already been vaccinated and 27,000 are yet to. The Minister added that it should now be the role of village Chairpersons to mobilize their residents who have not been vaccinated to receive their jabs.

He said that Chairpersons are the ones who are able to identify those people who have not been vaccinated in their respective villages and engage them on benifits of being vaccinated.

He called upon parents to take back their children to schools and ensure that they are given basic necessities back to school as it is advised by the ministry of health and ministry of Education and sports. He said that those who are not vaccinated will be able to report to school but they will also be vaccinated.

Hon Bahati asked head teachers to ensure that Learners are the first priority in their preparation for the academic year. He added that teachers should follow guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Sports with fees dues.

Moses Bwengye, the Kabale district acting Education Officer revealed that teachers have been thoroughly briefed on how to handle students with care, especially those who are pregnant and teenage mothers.

He noted that 97% of teachers in Kabale district have already been vaccinated meaning that those who are yet to will not be allowed to report in their respective schools.

Alfred Besigensi, the Kabale district acting Health officer said that those who received the first jab of COVID 19 should visit their neighboring Health Centres to receive the second jab. He said that over 130 people in Kabale have died of COVID-19.