The post COVID-19 lockdown learners need sensitive & unique handling by teachers


OPINION– It’s almost two years since  our school going Children have been out of school. Some last read their books before Covid 19 Lockdown, others started working in vulnerable environment like bars, ghettos,  lodges and other areas with no parental control.

Notably, parents are pre-occupied with work  and therefore, most families are too permissive leaving their children under maids  to watch content that is not relevant to their age, others accessed pornographic material on internet because even others owned smartphones that allowed them  to search any material that interested them. 

To a Girl child; some became pregnant, aborted and the “smart ones ” took up family planning that made them escape getting pregnanted. Lastly, others witnessed domestic violence in families. Imperative to say, learners in post Covid 19 Lockdown are having more psycho-Social and emotional instabilities than those of pre- Covid 19 Lockdown which calls teachers and school administrators to systematically and sensitively handle these learners.

School administrators and teachers must first organise spiritual retreats which help much to touch their soul. The soul has relationship with body and mind. In such retreats , learners ask for forgiveness from God  where they have erred, re-invent themselves, make self discovery, meditate  and become best version of themselves. 

Notably, such spiritual retreats can be climaxed with counselling and inviting Education motivational speakers that inculcate values of self belief, self confidence, self direction, improved study skills, discipline and dreaming and thinking big in a learner. Admittedly, when learners under go spiritual retreats , counselling and get Education motivational talks, subject teachers get a foundation to teach and learners are prepared to learn because a mindset change has been caused free from academic distractions.

Additionally, teachers are called upon to give individual attention to learners. Different learners have undergone different environment and challenges which have affected them psychologically and emotionally different. It’s a cardinal duty of a teacher to handle every learner uniquely and sensitively.

The teacher – pupil relationship must be more high. The post Covid 19 Lockdown learners need teachers that are more closer to them. Schools that may not value this guidance will be vulnerable to school strikes. Thus, learners need more of a  listening ear than a commanding environment.

Pertinent to note, schools must provide holistic Education that touches mind, body and the soul of a learner. In pre Covid 19 world, parents only looked at and appreciated schools that gave out only good academic grades. The post Covid 19 Lockdown calls parents to take their children to schools that give beyond academic grades. Does a school have a chapel& Chaplain to cater for students’ spirituality?. Does it offer extra curricular activities like sports, music , dance and drama? Worse noting , some schools don’t have play grounds; students live in storeyed and magnificent buildings and parents and schools forget that these students under go adolescence period where physical activities play a pivotal role in their lives.  

Do school administrators and teachers mind much about hygiene and smartness of learners. Does that school give other life skills …does it have school projects like poultry, piggery, brick making, Banana plantation , cattle keeping and others for learners to benchmark . Pertinent to say, our children in Covid 19 Lockdown have been exposed to many things like sports, music , dance and drama, farming and other series of activities. Therefore, in designing a school timetable, teachers must consider extra curricular activities on their timetable. 

If teachers solely consider teaching subject content on timetable, it will bore learners  and above all, these learners need such life skills to prepare for their tomorrow.

Teachers while carrying out lessons, make sure you give examples from Covid 19 Lockdown environment. Notably, when making a lesson development, a teacher who  gives relevant examples from environment a learner has been used to in Covid 19 Lockdown, makes his lesson lively and attracts attention of a learner and resultantly making his/ her lesson objectives successful.

Inferably, the forementioned ingredients of my submission ascertain that the post Covid 19 Lockdown learners are totally and evidently different from pre Covid 19 Lockdown learners. The former need a holistic Education that touches the mind, body and the soul. 

Thus, if we mistakenly believe that getting good academic grades is what our children solely need, it means we are offering half baked Education that will produce graduates with no full potential to compete in this rapidly changing world and global village.

Igambirine Hillary Former Headmaster. A Lead Education Motivational Speaker- Great Lakes Education Motivational Speakers0772580452/ 0781204795/ 0759813410