Government Speaks out on the sudden increased fuel prices


NEWS– The Ministry of Energy Spokesperson Solomon Muyita has explained that the sudden surge of fuel prices in some parts of the country is due to new COVID-19 measures being applied to long distance truck drivers at the entry border posts.

While speaking to our reporter today afternoon Muyita said that the new COVID-19 measures has left made the long distance truck drivers take time to be cleared and this has created a shortage in the supply at most fuel stations.

Muyita explained that such delays at the border due to measures against the spread of COVID-19 were not anticipated to cause the hike in fuel prices and authorities are making inward arrangements to solve the matter.

The Spokesperson at the Ministry of Energy, Solomon Muyita agreed that such has left a shortage in the supply at most fuel stations where in some towns like Hoima City the price of petrol has risen to between Ugx 9,500 and Ugx 12,000 since yesterday.

He explained that the Ministry of Energy is now contemplating giving long distance fuel tankers special lanes while coming into the country to reduce the time spent at the border.