SHAME: Hon Arinda Gordon Cowboy’s Funeral turned into political rally


NEWS– Mourners at the burial of the former Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality Member of Parliament Hon Arinda Gordon Cowboy in Kyeizooba, Igara East Bushenyi district were shocked and left in disbelief when the latter’s burial was turned into a political rally by some politicians from Bushenyi district. 

Hon Arinda Gordon Cowboy 54, succumbed to covid-19 on Sunday 9th January 2022 and was buried on Thursday 13th January 2022 at his ancestral home in Kyeizooba Sub County, Bushenyi District.

A Legislator hailing from Northern Uganda was quoted saying “what has happened to the people of Bushenyi? This was a district everyone knew as a model one but the model is now only in the building of their homes not hearts, I am very surprised”.

In the presence of the late Hon Cowboy’s family, wife and children who were deeply sudden by the passing on of their hubby and father respectively, mourners watched in disbelief Engineer Silver Mugisha and his wife Hon Annet Katusiime Mugisha moving up and down showing off their presence.

The couple had groups of people seated in different tents who would cheer them up with a loud noise and claps with a slogan “man and our woman”.

The children of the late watched on in disbelief and agony with their body and facial language defining the level of shock they were experiencing at the time. Hon Katusiime Mugisha who is the woman MP Bushenyi district kept on walking up and down unlike Hon Micheal Mawanda, the Igara East MP and over 40 other MPs and former Legislators who sat quietly as they grieved.

The commissioner of Parliament Hon Prossy Akampurira Mbabazi and the Rukiga District Woman Member of Parliament who brought the speaker’s message started by thanking the voters for having voted well instead of the grieving message from her boss.

As if that wasn’t enough, Hon Akampurira asked Bushenyi District residents to make sure they vote for Hon Mugisha to remain in parliament for another 20 years.

Again, the Pro-Katusiime Mugisha groups of wildly clapped whereas other mourners could be seen disgraced as they whispered to each other asking what was going –on.

One old man was overheard saying “abantu ba Bushenyi twashutama kubi baturingura, honashi twebirwe emicwe yeitu nemitwarize yeitu nkabanyankore eyaharufu, kandi nitwija kushashura”, literally meaning that “we have forgotten our, norms, culture and traditions of respecting the dead and we shall face the consequences”.