Ntungamo district leaders asked to champion poverty eradication

Ntungamo district, partners move to scale up Pediatric TB screening and treatment
NTUNGAMO district Local Government Headquarters

NTUNGAMO– Political actors have been implored to champion government programs targeting poverty eradication in their areas of jurisdiction.

According to Mutanyomwa Lasto the councilor representing Nyakyera Town council, this will help the voters to embrace and benefit in such programs at grass root level. Councilor Mutanyomwa observed that some political leaders have failed to sensitize the public on how they can tap on the income generating programs instead channel them into politicking.

He made remarks on Saturday while meeting farmers at Kahiija Primary school in Nyakyera Town council, Ruhaama County who are benefiting from Africans Mind Set (AMS) project a nongovernmental organization he initiated in Ntungamo district.

Mutanyomwa said the organisation is aimed at changing the minds of Africans for social and economic transformation Africans. The RDC Ntungamo District David Kaboyo said that domestic violence has fuelled poverty in many families appealing to the public to cooperate and fight against.

Kaboyo asked farmers to form cooperatives and Unions in order to have a strong voice for the market of their produce. He advised farmers to use small pieces of land to plant crops that can give a lot of money in a few months alongside perennial crops.

However, the beneficiaries from Nyakyera town council stressed that they are facing the challenge of poor road network access to markets and poor post harvest handling.

The beneficiaries received seedlings of Carrots, watermelons, cabbages, egg plants and tomatoes.