“Do we have any reason to love you?” Kyaligonza bashes first son Gen Muhoozi Keinerugaba in an open letter

This arrogance must stop, Angry Ugandan rubbishes first son Muhoozi Keinerugaba

OPINION– Dear Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, receive greetings from BALYAGHE Morris kyaligonza Adyeeri.Although these days it’s a crime to disturb your peace, allow me to disturb you with fact’s, just for once.

Gen. Muhoozi, you were recently seen chest thumbing through a tweet that you later deleted, about the arrest of my fellow writer and critic Kakwenza Rukirabasaija who allegedly used abusive language purportedly against you.

This was later confirmed by the charge sheet in which Kakwenza was accused of “disturbing your peace”.! Gen. Muhoozi, I request that we go word per word in trying to analyze and contextualize Kwankwenza’s tweet to ascertain whether he abused you.

In his tweet Kakwenza Rukirabasaija said that “Imagine u steal money from the national purse and use it to bankroll idle idiots on social media to market your presidential ambitions when you are intellectually bankrupt.These MUHOOZI project fools think that we shall replace a thief with an incompetent pig headed curmudgeon”.

Gen. Muhoozi, Kakwenza statement is addressed to some one who has allegedly stolen money from public purse, in this case are u the thief he was referring to? Are u the one who is intellectually bankrupt as per Kakwenza statement?.

I think from your accolades as a military man, u aren’t intellectually bankrupt, and in any case if he was referring to you, would that change who u are?

He again says that this thief has bankrolled idle idiots to market his presidential ambitions, in this case are u confirming that indeed u have presidential ambitions that you are marketing on social media? If it’s true isn’t it treasonable for a serving officer in the UPDF to start engaging in politics before retiring from the army?

Lastly he mentioned the name MUHOOZI, are u sure u are the only MUHOOZI in Uganda? What if he was referring to another MUHOOZI who runs a piggery or a poultry project called MUHOOZI project??.

Gen. Muhoozi leaving that aside, let’s assume Kakwenza was referring to you and indeed u have presidential ambitions, is it the best way of handling  critics? Aren’t you setting up a new bad example.?

Most often I have seen you referring to mzee Yoweri Museveni Tibuhaburwa Kaguta as your mentor, how comes he doesn’t arrest those who abuse him including making funny cartoons of him? Or did you since shift from goals from museveni as your mentor to Paul Kagame of Rwanda.?

If u can do this still seeking for power, what would you do when you are elected president? Assuming Kakwenza hates you, have u tried to engage him on personal basis without necessarily torturing him?

So what if there other 1000 Kakwenza’s like Morris of Ntoroko who hate you because of their reasons, will you arrest all of them? Or will you swallow them because they hate you, and will they stop hurting you?

Dear MUHOOZI as a contending president do you know how many Ugandans have sold everything to attain education only to end up with no jobs? Do they have a reason to love you?… please answer me?

Do u Kno hundreds of Ugandan who were arrested during the 2021 elections in the hands of security under your command, do they or their families have a reason to love you?… please answer me…??

Do u know how many teachers not on government payroll have quit the proffesion because your mom and dad had no clear vision for education,do those teachers have a reason to love you…??

Do u know Ugandans with small business like my mom Kisembo Mariam have collapsed and bank loans are accumulating day by day due to high cost of doing business and the called stimulus package was stolen or taken by the Rich..do those have a reason to love you??

What about the Young people who have been turned down on every interview, do u Kno how much our brothers and sisters pay, bribe to get a government job in Ntoroko district?? Those who give out jobs have a saying”Gamba nogu”, your tribe mates have lucrative jobs in army and public service….do we have a reason to love you??

Okay! What about the veterans and their children who fought to bring your dad into power, but at the moment can’t afford to pay school fees for their own children,do they have a reason to love you…??

What about soldiers, some of whom joined the army or forces earlier than you..and have never been promoted… and u pretending to be a general?..do they have a reason to love you???Lastly Gen. Muhoozi, don’t bring SFC to arrest me but truth be said Kakwenza is innocent beyond doubt.

The logic behind kakwenza failed you, it was between a celebrated writer of our time versus a GENERAL mindset, remember a pen is mightier than a sword.Thanks alot and can’t wait to hear from you soon…. for my answered queries in the essay.

For God and my country#Aluta continuea

The writter is an essayiest, and medical student@Bphar.The ideas expressed are typically personal.

BALYAGHE MORRIS KYALIGONZA Adyeeri,.. Ntoroko district