EMBARRASSMENT! Revealers go back home hungry cursing Rukungiri Kainerugaba’s birthday party


NEWS– All didn’t go well as expected with the masses that earlier conveyed in Rukungiri main stadium to honor the Rukungiri chapter celebrations of the 48th Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s birthday.

As per adverts, announcement that earlier this week rocked all radio stations, televisions, social media platforms, masses of people that gathered in Rukungiri main stadium expected free meals but to their surprise, most of them went back home with empty stomachs.

From our sources on the ground, many people who talked to them expressed their disappointment with the organisers of the function stressing that they only resorted to false promises.

As if that wasn’t enough, in the struggle to get food many people ended up receiving blows and sticks which totally shocked masses at the venue.

Our reporters noticed that a drop in an ocean (small number of people) who got a chance of getting food were served with little rice packed in white polythene bags which left many people wondering how the whole first son can hire them (polythene bags) to serve his ‘fans’ calling it disrespect.

It should be noted that earlier in the morning of 30th April 2022, masses of people were fetched from all corners of Rukungiri district to attend the function which was held in Rukungiri main stadium.

As all the expectations were high, the desire for artistes and many more drove many people into the stadium only to go back home cursing with all their expectations turned down.