Does Elijah Mushemeza’s doctorate of Philosophy lack Philosophy


OPINION- Sheema South MP, Prof. Elijah Mushemeza’s debasement stunt against Secondary Science Teachers has backfired. The public is now casting doubt on the level of philosophy in his Doctorate of Philosophy.

In the 1-minute video captured while addressing people on 25 April 2022 at Kitagata Town Council, Mushemeza scorned teachers, referring to them as the poorest creatures on earth, without any right to remind president Museveni of his promises on salary increment.

Who is Elijah Dickens Mushemeza?

The 58-year-old holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Political Science, awarded on 17 January 2003 by Makerere University. Whereas Mushemeza is profiled as a consultant on various issues including education, his latest utterances show a man full of ignorance about science education prospects in Uganda. 

The alleged collapse of his small secondary school due to gross mismanagement has further increased scrutiny of his PhD’s usefulness to society, beyond earning to sustain the family.
 What is a Doctor of Philosophy?

Considered to be one of the highest academic qualifications in most universities around the world, a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the most common (but not only) type of doctorate awarded at universities. Respected scholars assert that community-useful PhD holders are more thoughtful, exhibiting leadership skills through effective communication, with the result that society at large relies on them for a better, more rational world. This poses the question, “why does Mushemeza, a professor of political science exhibit basic understanding of political matters?”
Doctor of Philosophy without Philosophy?

1. What is the best explanation for Prof. Mushemeza’s illogical consistency of his character?

2. Did Mushemeza miss out on critical-thinking assignments during his doctoral classes?

3. Was Makerere University focused on broadening Mushemeza’s theoretical understanding of political science, at the expense of improving professional practice?

4. Why has Mushemeza over the years failed to attend even 1-day seminars and workshops to improve on communication and management?

5. After grossly mismanaging a mere secondary school, will Mushemeza disturb president Museveni for appointment as Vice Chancellor of a University as he is on his way out of parliament in 2026?

6. Does Prof. Mushemeza view his utterances through the lens of social responsibility, requiring him to think critically, and thus communicate better, including apologising? 

Poverty, a great Sin

According to spiritual preachers, poverty is a great sin, with potential to destroy someone’s entire lineage of descendants. Mushemeza, who taught at Kitagata secondary School in 1985/86 seems to be the first professor-testimony. 

Unlike other people who transform upon accumulating money, Mushemeza appears to have suffered permanent psychological damage due to poverty-stricken childhood. A story, seemingly originating from Mushemeza’s contemporaries alleges that he has only changed in form but retained the same mentality. 

By and large, Mushemeza has maintained the smile flashed upon seeing his father, Mzee Ruteho deliver fees on foot from Kasana to Munteyera High School, and at Makerere where he lurked around rooms like a Marabou stork, pouncing on students’ shoe polish, toothpaste, eats and drinks at every slight chance.

The author is a secondary science teacher