Government commits to extend financial support to Volunteer Organizations


NEWS– The Vice President of Uganda Rtd Major Jessica Alupo has made an assurance that the government will provide financial support to Volunteer Organizations doing charity work in the country. 

The Vice President made the assurance while officiating at the launch of the Centenary celebrations of the Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi Congregation in Nkokonjeru, Buikwe District on Saturday, 7th May 2022. 

The function was preceeded by High Mass that was led by the Bishop of Lugazi Diocese, His Lordship Christopher Kakooza assisted by a number of Priests.

The Little Sisters of St.Francis launched the ceremony and fundraising drive for the Centenary building in memory of their founder, Mother Mary Kevin.

The Vice President’s assurance followed remarks by the Leader of Opposition Rt Hon Mathias Mpuuga who reminded the congregation of a promise made by the Prime Minister Rt Hon Robinah Nabbanja, to extend financial support to volunteer organizations.

Non-profit entities, whose operations are tailored towards assisting the vulnerable people realise the importance of life on plannet earth need to be supported, owing to the fact that their works have transformed the communities according to LOP. 

Mpuuga observed that institutions such as the Little Sisters of St Francis of Assisi congregation, which runs a number high performance schools such as Mt. St. Mary’s college Namagunga, and health facilities such as Nsambya Hospital deserve a hand from government. 

The event was also aimed at fundraising for a monumental building of 100 rooms in memory of the congregation’s founder commonly known as Mother Kevin Theresa.

Vice President Alupo promised to work with the Leader of Opposition Mpuuga in mobilizing other Members of Parliament to support the construction and announced cash contribution of Ugx 30 million she had brought towards the construction of the monumental building and Hon Mpuuga contributed Ugx 10 million on behalf of the office of Leader of the Opposition.