Teachers rallied to focus on abridged curriculum


NEWS– A Curriculum specialist in the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) Joseph Jude Agaba has rallied teachers to implement the abridged curriculum, if learners are to excel highly in the National examinations.

He was on Saturday speaking at the closure of a six day workshop at St Mary’s College Rushoroza Multipurpose hall, which started on Monday attended by teachers from private and public Secondary Schools under Secondary Science and Mathematics (SESEMAT) programme from Kisoro, Rubanda, Kabale and Rukiga districts. Each school was represented by five teachers, on an assessment of lower secondary curriculum.

The workshop was organized by National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC), which is a corporate autonomous statutory body under the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoE&S) responsible for the development of educational curricula for Primary, Secondary and some tertiary institutions in Uganda.

Now, Agaba said that there are Schools that are still using the old curriculum which leads to pumping a lot of notice into learners minds which becomes difficult for them to understand thus ending up performing poorly at the end of the term.  

He added that the abridged curriculum was developed by reorganizing the scope and sequence of the content in the standard curriculum so that learners can cover more content in a relatively short span, without compromising quality.

Agaba reminded teachers that Uganda National Examination board is considering abridged curriculum to set National Exams for this year’s Primary Leaving Examination (PLE), Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE).

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Officially closing the workshop, the Rukiga District Education Officer, Vastinah Beyendera showed optimism that the abridged curriculum will help to produce learners with different skills which can help them to start up small scale projects in future.

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