ARRIVE ALIVE: POEM by Mr. Albert Mukundane!


Pedestrians keep left and right
Focus on the highway code as your constitution
Respect and honour zebra crossing
Be alert and attentive as a cat on target
Avoid death and destruction
Arrive alive

You speeding motorist
You bicycle flyers and speed cats
You boda boda bad carriers
You pedal placed accelerators
Arrive alive

The drunkards at leisure
The mycars at pride of their riches
The target workers in liberalised economy
The tout at the drivers seat
Arrive alive

The farmers in their production units
The transporters in various sectors
The commanders in their field operations
The brigades on their protective missions
Arrive alive

The city engineers in their scientific researches
The politicians on their political imperialism
The communication and water installers
The illegal structure dwellers and immigrants
Arrive alive

The industrial professionals in manufacturing firms
The power suppliers in the warehouse
The war mongers in the field territory
The wondering herdsmen in vast land
Arrive alive

The encroachers as endangered species
The builders in the construction target
The miners in their rich fields
The dumping rubbish agents in the dumping ground
Arrive alive

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