RUBIRIZI: Sub County Chairperson face impeachment over indispline


RUBIRIZI– Residents of Katanda Sub-county in Rubirizi have shown excitement as councilors move to impeach their Chairman Arinaitwe Anatori over indiscipline.

Out of 19 councilors, 17 have vowed to impeach their Chairperson for allegedly abusing the Katerera Member of Parliament Hon Muhamed Katoto in public.

The councilors who were holding a council meeting recently accused their Arinaitwe of using an abusing language against other leaders on various public occasions.

It all began at a function where the leaders we’re officially opening Munyonyi Health Centre III in Katanda and the area MP asked for accountability of the money used on ” a water project. 

It’s from here that the chairman publically responded abusively something that annoyed most of the councilors.

The councilors also accuse Arinaitwe of not respecting them in public on top of hindering government development programs. 

The councilors now want their Chairman to make public apology to Hon Muhamad Katoto and other leaders he has on several occasions abused and underated.

They want the Resident District Commissioner Kikanshemeza Bruno, other political leaders and Religious leaders to intervene in this matter.

The accused Chairman Anatori Arinaitwe refuted all claims arguing that the councilors have their political targets they are leaning against to tarnish his name.