French Embassy signs pact to promote Skating & Break Dance in Uganda


KAMPALA– The sports space in Uganda is improving daily with various wins and major qualifications on regional and international scene.

This validates the fact that the country has immense talent though it needs that extra push, promotion, support and  proper sustainable partnership.

It is under this background that the French Embassy in Uganda has vehemently taken  keen interest in  supporting the sports fraternity in Uganda as a way of improving the economic and cultural intergration of urban youth in cities through sport.

This time around, it has signed a two year agreement with the Skate Board Union and Alliance Francaise de Kampala( AFK) to  promote  skating and break dance which were recently added to the Olympics games that are happening in  France come 2024.

In his address  to the Media on Monday, May 9,  at  Nakasero, H.E Jules – Armand Aniambossou, the French Ambassador to Uganda said that sport is defined by heritage  through culture,  places and symbol which are some of the pillars and they need celebrations since it has been two years of no show.

“With the pandemic, we are still together struggling and some how the situation seems better and any opportunity to celebrate is very welcome. This will  help us to carry value and with this commitment,  one of those principles is that the sports family is a community and  we need to be creative with an open mind and make communities share values” he said.

“The most important thing today is to focus  and we are very proud of what is going to happen in Rugby and Olympics in 2024. We know Uganda is one of the best teams in the world though  we need to win medals and there are so many disciplines and I know it is  one thing to have the talent but also pushing the step further through infrastructure and policies so that sport is consindered as an economy and business” Jules added.  

He  also emphasized that they  have two partners in skate board and dancesport and transfer of Knowledge to the young generation is key.

The members from the Skating bodies and DanceSport Federation having a photo moment with the officials from the French Embassy ( Photo/ Courtesy)

Jules applauded the work of their implementing partner  AFK  for working closely with the  real people on ground and credit  goes to Gilles and his team.

He also stressed that they have break dance  which most people think it  came from the Americans yet it started way back  from the West Indies in  France around the 1980’s and he is happy that it  one of those that has been included in the 2024 games.

Jules noted that they are not focusing on two disciplines  but various ones  and have worked with many and he ecouraged many to come through since they are open.

On behalf of the Olympics Committee,  Dr. Donald Rukare,  President Uganda Olympics Committee said that they are excited that these sports are on board and their  members from the dancesport  are the youngest  and they welcome  them.

Rukare pledged their  support  to offer all the technical  assistance  and the  report for Paris 2024   is bout to be announced, adding that talent  identification preparation, and participation are crucial for sports development   and  working with refugees to promote sports.

Mr. Barnabus Ssebuyungo, General Secretary, Uganda Dancesport Federation revealed that they are the  second  position  after South Africa on the  continent.

” We  are already working with them and about a month  ago, we took part in some competitions in Montpellier were we  emerged 32rd among 90 countries'”Ssebuyingo said.

He further  clarified that they fall under artistry game with the likes of gyminastics were culture is preserved and they are working in over 129 districts in Uganda and are aiming  to impact dancers, coaches and judges with plans of participating in the world battle that is forth coming in France.

Jackson Mubiru,  President & Founder Uganda  Skating Union  in  Kitintale pointed out that they are  working with the youth in the the ghettos and  are  pushing tirelessy to show them were their talent can take them  and the capacity to change their livelihoods and have been closely working with AFK to promote their skills.

Patrice Gilles, director AFK amplified that their role is to add value and they are  working on a road map to make this better and he is always aware that  some times there are conflicting policies that can be worked upon   given the fact that he was an athlete back then and knows what it takes.