Rukungiri District water stressed areas receive Ugx 220 Million water project


RUKUNGIRI– After several years of battling water scarcity, residents of Bwambara were this week thrown into endless happiness after Kyehunde Child Development center in cooperation with Kyehunde Full Gospel Church and Compassion international commissioned the water project meant to solve this problem.

The project worth Ugx 220 million will benefit over 40,000 people from eight villages of Kyehunde, Muyanje, Kayaga cell and trading center, Kanyabisambwe, Kagoro, Bwambara trading center Bwambara secondary among others all in Bwambara parish, Bwambara Sub County in Rukungiri district.

Ambroz Kibuuka the Rukungiri district NRM mobilizer who was the chief guest at the commissioning urged residents to welcome the project since they have been facing a challenge of water scarcity adding that this will change the lifestyles of the Bwambara people in terms of social and economic development.

Kibuuka added that residents should own the project, take good care of it since it will go a long way in solving the problems they have been faced with for a long time.

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Kibuuka called for cooperation amongst people of Bwambara in a bid to develop their area and the competitive generation.

He requested parents to work hard in whatever situation and educate their children for a good future.

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Byabashaija Victor the Program Director of the project revealed that the water will help people in carry out their farming activities, promote good sanitation in homes and curtail loss of lives since residents will nolonger need to fetch from rivers that have been dangerous to them.

Byabashaija added that the project will benefit all people regardless of their religions, political belonging thus calling for proper maintenance such that it can last longer.

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Some of the residents who talked to our reporter narrated that the project is a blessing and it has been long overdue since they suffered enough with water scarcity and related issues.

Twasima Mellab a beneficiary from Muyanje village explained that many people lost lives by drowning in Rushaya River in search for water, adding that the project will now solve the problem.

Arineitwe Tom and Generous Tukamuhabwa other beneficiaries hailed Kyehunde Child Development center, Kyehunde Full Gospel Church and Compassion international for thinking about their lives since they have been used to muddy water putting their lives at risk.

They added that some of their children were killed by crocodiles as they went to fetch water from Rushaya River stressing that they are now firm that they won’t move to such areas.

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