VIDEO: Former Bushenyi District Leader’s Sex Tape shocks netizens


BUSHENYI – The sex tape for the former Kyabugabo Parish Councilor Nabukera Annah has shocked residents of Bushenyi district and the entire internet users across the globe.

Nabukera Annah served as the area parish woman councilor for two terms and lost to Oliver Katushabe in the last general elections.

Our reporter has it clear that Nabukera was married to a one Kasiano of Nyakajumo Viallge, Kyamugabo Parish, Ibaare Sub-county in Bushenyi district and they had 4 children before they separated.

Her close friend confided to our reporter today that the former councilor was chewed by a youthful man who caught all the action live on video as they enjoyed the garden of Eden. 

“After having running hours of non stop bedroom marathons, the man demanded for Ugx 20 million from her because he had caught the video and threatened to shame her if he doesnot get paid”, she explained.

A friend revealed that after two days, the video was released since the man didnot get his money.

This video has since been shared to almost all watsap platforms in Bushenyi district and residents are blaming madam Nabukera for not respecting her status, self and family.

However, details of the youthful man who enjoyed the councilor’s bean are still unknown.

Below here is the video: